Revitalize and Customize: Elevating Concrete Surfaces with ARC Coatings in Mohave and Maricopa County

ARC Coatings is a family owned and operated business in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. But we serve all of Mohave County, Arizona, and can even meet the needs of customers in Maricopa County.

So, if you need to give your concrete floors a makeover, want to give your home a custom look, or are looking to add to the value of your property before listing it for sale, we are here to assist. We can transform dull and boring plain concrete into something amazing with staining, sealing, or customizing or your concrete surfaces. Let’s look at a few options. 

Staining is the process of applying a colored solution to the concrete surface. It can create a variety of effects, from subtle to dramatic, depending on the color and technique you choose. Concrete can be stained to mimic the look of natural stone, wood, marble, or even leather. Staining can also enhance the natural texture and patterns of the concrete, making it more visually appealing.

The staining of concrete is a two-part process. Sealing, the process of applying a protective coating to the stained concrete surface, is key to ensuring years of nearly maintenance free use. 

It will also help prevent fading, cracking, staining, and water damage. Sealing can also make your concrete easier to clean and maintain, as it reduces the porosity and dustiness of the concrete. And as a bonus, sealing can also add a glossy or matte finish to your stained concrete, depending on your preference.


ARC Coatings are also specialists in the customizing of concrete floors. This is the process of adding personal touches to your stained and sealed concrete surface. 

We can customize your concrete by adding decorative elements, such as logos, patterns, borders, or designs. This is ideally suited to give your business a professional look while curtailing the cost of maintenance. 

We can also customize your concrete by adding functional features, such as slip-resistant textures, or prepare it for radiant heating, or drainage systems. Customizing can make your concrete unique and suited to your needs and style.

As you can see, staining, sealing, and customizing your concrete floors can have many advantages. They can improve the appearance, durability, and functionality of your concrete surfaces. They can also increase the value and appeal of your property. 

If you’re interested in learning more about these processes or getting a quote for your project, contact us today. We are experts in concrete staining, sealing, and customizing, and we’d love to help you achieve your dream floors.

Written by Jim Hinckley

ARC Coatings